About European Test Finder


The European Test Finder (ETF) is a website which enables people to find the nearest place to get tested and treated for HIV and Tuberculosis, and tested for Hepatitis B and C, and STIs, in countries across the WHO European region. It is a free online tool that facilitates easy access to services that fit the needs of the user.


The directory was initially developed in 2015 by NAM in collaboration with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and from 2021 managed by the secretariat of the European Testing Week under the EuroTEST initiative, based at Centre of Excellence for Health, Immunity and Infections (CHIP) in Copenhagen, Denmark. 


Initially, ETF only included testing sites.

As an emergency measure to assist people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine in early 2022, the directory is being expanded to also include sites that offer HIV treatment (ART), testing and treatment for Tuberculosis as well as Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST). This has been done upon request by – and in collaboration with - WHO Regional Office for Europe. This information is not yet available for all countries but more will be added on a continuous basis.


This updated version of the European Test Finder has been developed with inputs from colleagues from the following organisations:

  • Zoran Dominković and Dubravoko Pogledić, ISKORAK, Croatia
  • Lella Cosmaro, LILA Milano, Italy
  • Giedrius Likatavicius, Demetra, Lithuania
  • Ben Collins, ReShape/International HIV Partnerships, UK
  • Takudzwa Mukiwa, Terence Higgins Trust, UK
  • Daniel Simões, Coalition Plus/ GAT, Portugal
  • Jordi Casabona, CEEISCAT, Spain
  • Cary James, World Hepatitis Association 
  • Jason Farrell, Choices Support Centre/Correlation European Harm Reduction Network
  • Teymur Noori, ECDC

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions from testing sites and different partners across the European region who assisted us with information about relevant service providers, national test finders etc.