APF Algarve

APF Algarve

Last updated: 21 June, 2023


Algarve, Faro

Edifício Ninho e Empresas - Centro de Incubação de Faro Rua Monsenhor Henrique Ferreira da Silva, nº 9 8005-137 Faro

289 863 300



Services offered: HIV testing, Viral Hepatitis testing, STI testing

Testing related counselling, Referral for prevention, treatment and care services, Psychosocial counselling and support, Contraception & sexual health counselling, family planning, Needle-syringe programmes (harm reduction)

Referral for test: Unnecessary

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apfalgarve

Instagram: apfalgarve

Testing site opening hours: segunda-feira a sexta-feira, entre as 9h00/17h00

Free HIV testing for: Free for all

Free Hepatitis testing for: Free for all

Free STI testing for: Free for all

STI test types: Syphilis

HIV test types: HIV on site rapid test (finger prick)

Services access: Walk in

Phone number for booking appointments: 289863300/912192800

Testing site type: Community based setting (non-hospital)

Target population: General population, Youth, People who use drugs, LGBTQI*, Migrants, People involved in sex work